How to Setup Send to engram

Instructions to quickly send to engram on Android, iOS, and Chrome/Edge.


Android quick share is supported by the Web Share Target API. In order to use, you must install engram as a progressive web application.

Once it has been installed, it will appear as a share option in the native Android share sheet.

For example in Chrome:

  1. Open menu in top right corner
  2. Tap Share…
  3. Scroll all the way to the right and tap More…
  4. Tap engram in list of apps below

Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge

Install Send to engram from chrome web store to allow saving links or text selection directly to engram.


iOS share to engram is handled by the Apple Shortcuts app. Once installed, tapping the share button in most iOS apps will allow you to select “Send to engram” that opens engram with the shared content ready to submit.

  1. Install Custom “Send to engram” Shortcut
    • Note: you will need to “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” which can be enabled in Settings > Shortcuts
  2. Once installed, the shortcut should be added to your share sheet. Open a browser to and tap the share button at the bottom of the browser
  3. The “Send to engram” shortcut will be way at the bottom. To fix this tap Edit Actions
  4. In the Edit Action page, tap the green plus icon next to “Send to engram”
  5. You can now re-arrange “Send to engram” to be the first Favorite action that shows up
  6. When you return to the Share Sheet, you should see “Send to engram” as the first option