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  • engram encapsulated

    More than a century ago, the German zoologist Richard Semon coined the term “engram” to designate the physical trace – marker - a memory must leave in the brain, like a footprint. Semon proposed that memory formation is not instantaneous. The act of remembering is crucial to printing a memory into the brain. It is high time to commit the word engram to memory.

  • When is the Last Time You Had a Real Conversation With Yourself: Introducing Engram

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  • engram Name Convection

    How do you pick a worthy buzzword for a product that doesn’t quite exist yet? Without a company and/or product/service name you aren’t shovel-ready for marketing; you can’t fully proceed effectively with logo design, marketing materials, promotions or external communication. Sure, progress can be made on other fronts, but we wished for an idealized identity in an instant.

  • Start Before You Are Finished

    Technology changes so fast, sometimes one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How do you create a fresh product that ideally solves an old problem in a new way? The obvious answer is to challenge obstacles head-on with unique creative thinking, and by exercising the ability to quickly test measured ideas toward progress. In short words, do SOMETHING.