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  • iOS 1.5.3 Released - Home Screen Widget, Quick Share, Send to engram, and Sync

    The last few weeks have centered on improving the iOS app. My phone is the primary device I interact with engram, so I’m keen to get this working well.

  • July 2021 Development Update: iOS & Android Apps

    I am pleased to announce that engram has officially made it’s way on to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

  • Feature: Zapier Integration

    engram can now be easily connected to over 3000 apps through an integration with Zapier. This integration helps you quickly get information into engram (e.g. RSS Feed) or out of engram (e.g. Google Calendar Quick Add Event)

  • Why engram Will be Offline First

    Cabin in the Woods

  • Engaging engram

    Welcome to engram! As an invitation-only beta user of engram, you are part of a small and exclusive group of digital explorers that will help guide the future of our product. We thank you in advance for your participation, and hope you enjoy using the program in the process.

  • Brain Dump, Plugins & Help Documentation

    Today’s updates (and upcoming ones) re-focus attention on the ability to quickly collect thoughts in engram. Clicking the engram logo now takes you to the Brain Dump page, sharing to engram on iOS and Android is much easier, and new help documentation has been added.

  • March 2021 Development Update

    Spring has sprung and engram is almost ready to spring in to beta. Work is in progress on core pieces of functionality: offline mode, pages, and hierarchical note taking. Once completed, engram will enter a beta period to gather feedback.

  • engram - terms and renditions

    engram is a subscription web browser-based open source software application designed as a quick thought and information capture-share tool to help people remember important things in their lives. Before diving in, have a review of our rendition of important terms to keep in mind with engram:

  • Engram Early Access

    In my last post, Introducing Engram, I shared some of my personal motivation behind engram. Today, I am happy to announce that I am formally opening up the application for early access.

  • engram Processed

    Why is the word engram a perfect name for our brain-tapping product? The real word describes a real process that occurs every instant in the brain. Engrams are always active in waking hours, and gain strentgh and connection with each use. That sounds like a good physical model to build a digital smartypants app upon. Let the process unwind from here: