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I have been using engram Paper as my tool for all handwritten notes using my iPad. About 2 years ago, I standardized on always having a page with my tasks for the day on the left half and the day broken down into time blocks on the right.

There were a couple problems with doing this in Paper though. I had to redraw my template every day, leading to messier and messier templates as I became lazier and lazier. Possibly more importantly, it became difficult to return to this page once I started writing out other pages. This made it a useful exersice at the start of the day, but by the middle of the day I stopped using it because I could no longer find it.

Considering this functionality is critical to my workflow, I decided to build an application specifically catered to it. I have been hesitant to do so because I very much prefer to do this writing by hand, but thankfully the iPad allows you to handwrite into text inputs and converts to text. This will come in handy when this eventually supports syncing between devices.

What it Looks Like



On the left is a list for tasks. I usually start the day only writing in a few key tasks that I need to accomplish for the day. Inevitably more reveal themselves throughout the day and adding them here significantly improves the odds that I actually complete them.

Day Agenda

On the right half is an agenda for the day. 15 minute blocks seem to hit the sweet spot for me in terms of length. If I do something longer, I usually just leave them blank and it is assumed that I’m working on the previous listed item.

At the start of my day I manually fill in items from my calendar. This helps orient me with the schedule for the day and allows me to better plan out what tasks should be done when.

What’s Next

There is still plenty to be desired out of this. I have delayed making this for so long that I needed to put together something functional in a single work block. Hopefully its existence helps me stay a bit more organized and on track so the rest of what should get worked on here doesn’t take as long.

The app currently only supports the current day. I would like to be able to push tasks to future dates, so I can make sure they are still accounted for.

It also will lose any data if you refresh the page. This is acceptable for now as I intend to leave it open throughout my workday, but long term will need some form of storage.

Lastly, I would like to get this synced with an engram account so I could theoretically bounce between editting on my computer and on my iPad.

Adam Berg

Adam is the founder of engram - a tool that helps detangle the mind.