The last few weeks have centered on improving the iOS app. My phone is the primary device I interact with engram, so I’m keen to get this working well.

Home Screen Widget

Home Scren Widget

Stay Focused

The home screen widget keeps your daily tasks front and center to remind you of what you set out to accomplish today.

Quick Share

Tap and hold an engram to share the text with any installed app. Particularly useful for tweeting, without getting sucked in to the doom scroll of Twitter.


Send to engram

Instantly save interesting websites, insightful snippets, or funny cat videos when browsing on your phone.

Send to engram


Sync settings have been adding to the top left menu. Currently, syncing can only be done through an engram account. This is currently the only way to get notes to show up across devices. For now, the iOS only syncs newly created notes to your engram account. It will eventually support proper bi-directional syncing from desktop and other devices.

Adam Berg

Adam is the founder of engram - a tool that helps detangle the mind.