engram can now be easily connected to over 3000 apps through an integration with Zapier. This integration helps you quickly get information into engram (e.g. RSS Feed) or out of engram (e.g. Google Calendar Quick Add Event)

Zapier Integration Animation

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a no-code workflow automation tool that makes it easy to trigger an action in one app and have it fire an action in another.

engram Triggers

A “trigger” is an event that occurs within engram that can be used to start a predefined Zap in Zapier.

Zap Trigger

The Zap trigger is my personal favorite. This trigger will fire whenever the “Zap” option is selected on a specific engram note. This gives you more fine-grained control over when the Zap is run (which also helps keep you in under the 100 task limit for the free plan). I have this connected to the Google Calendar Quick Add Event integration, which allows me to schedule events just by typing in an event description. For example, “Release Zapier Integration tomorrow 8AM” would add an event directly on to my connected Google Calendar at 8AM with a title of “Release Zapier Integration”.

New Note Trigger

The New Note trigger fires every time a note is added to engram. By using the Filter by Zapier App, you could send all new tasks from engram to your favorite task management system (Google Tasks, JIRA, or Trello)

engram Actions

Create Note Action

The Create Note action allows you to have other apps send information directly to engram. The use cases are nearly endless here, but I would recommend looking in to the RSS Feed app. If you’re tired of email newsletters like me, you can add URLs to your favorite RSS feeds (like mine for example: https://adam.xyzdigital.com/feed.xml) and any time a new story is posted you can automatically have the link sent to engram.

Get Started

You will need to enable the Zapier plugin in the Settings Page and then head to the Zapier Settings for instructions on how to connect with Zapier.

Adam Berg

Adam is the founder of engram - a tool that helps detangle the mind.