Welcome to engram! As an invitation-only beta user of engram, you are part of a small and exclusive group of digital explorers that will help guide the future of our product. We thank you in advance for your participation, and hope you enjoy using the program in the process.

engram engagemeant!

engagement with engram means something

engram is a subscription web browser-based open source software application designed as a quick thought and information capture-share tool to help people remember important things in their lives.

What does engram hope to do when it grows up?

There exists an eternal struggle for ego-maniacal software developers to provide the leanest and most efficient code but also the widest feature set known to man at the same time. There is a temptation to put in a kitchen sink because we can. We sometimes have to slap ourselves back to the former lean when the pi in the skype thinking takes over temporarily.

Reminder to selves: lean with the wind - do not pi into it…

What is the need and solution for instant and constant input? Not so long ago the human brain did not have to deal with so many diverse streams coming into our consciousness. As predisposed overthinkers, the engram team knows firsthand that it is a helpful habit and trait to get things off your mind. If you don’t, one good thought might get overwritten in your mind by the next one.

Ultimately it is our goal for engram to be measurably helpful to convert a user’s thoughts, ideas and information into actions. If engram can get people used to forming productive habits using this tool, then we have accomplished something worthwhile.

A parallel mission for engram is to provide inline educational software development training for students interested in similar lines of productivity software. Development progress can be followed on GitHub and various social media outlets. It does us no harm for others to benefit from our expertise and experience.

What can you do to help?

Instant access to an inputting app is perhaps not something you thought you needed - after all, you got this far in life without one. If you don’t regularly scribble, doodle or jot notes this app is probably not going to change your behavior significantly – but with a little push, engram might just change the way you think about consolidating your personal data I/O.

After reading through this diatribe, if you are still interested in giving engram a spin: congratulations and welcome to the team. Just between us, we would greatly appreciate your feedback on all aspects of the application:

ease of use and usefulness

how you use it and how you don’t

colors, fonts and design

what you think it could or should do

new feature priorities

server and browser performance evaluation

business and opportunity advice

bug notes and reporting

We would like interactive user partners to make the most interactive product for the next users. Your comments and suggestions will certainly guide the next rounds of feature planning and execution of features and functions.

You have chosen a mission that can really help but can’t really hurt. This message will never self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Thank you, the engram team

Randy Berg

Randy is thankful we no longer need to paint on cave walls and carve in stone to pass on the message.