engram is a subscription web browser-based open source software application designed as a quick thought and information capture-share tool to help people remember important things in their lives. Before diving in, have a review of our rendition of important terms to keep in mind with engram:


engram offers a free offline mode (saving local data) for new users to try out features and sample how the app works. By invitation, beta test users receive a full featured subscription with approved login and cloud storage at no charge.

Open Source

A great place to shamelessly steal somebody else’s work. I mean, a wonderful avenue to share and contribute to coding for all of humanity. engram includes installation instructions and documentation for open source use of our code. Our learning experience as a business startup will also be shared through blogs and social media.

Software Application

We used to call computer software “programs” - then “application” was the thing. Maybe that’s because programmers are always filling out job applications, but even so nobody used that big word for long. It’s now just app – in this case it means to apply coding parameters in an executable file on a phone or computing device.

Thought & Information Capture

A thought or idea can come to mind at any time, and a barrage of information comes in from all sides at nearly all times – enough to blot out the sun. Stuff comes into your orbit faster than you can figure out which planet to put it on. While there are countless note-taking, task-management and time organizing programs available for end use, very few function well as ready quick-capture tools. engram is a to-the-point, fast front-end funnel for day-to-day data.


Once captured - reconsidered, filtered and distilled information is then more valuable to the originator and their network. engrams can be set to Note, Task or Event at any time, and can be moved to different customized Workspaces for organizations. To quickly share, one engram might need to be delivered through Telegram; another through email; another using a Zapier or other 3rd party action. Eventually all of the most common communication platforms will be supported with 2-click interchange.

Help Remember

The meaning of engram is to describe a process for which there is a physical change in the brain upon memory recall. We are hoping the engram app lives up to its name in this regard – to aid in memory recall. If a user takes the time to write, speak or copy a block of information, it will surely help to know that information survives and persists past the next thought. They will more likely remember that they remembered to put it in the app – automatic memory reinforcement.

What does engram do?

The brainstorm mission for engram was to build an eminently functional app with a minimal footprint and the least complication for fastest performance. The result: engram is primarily a quick note taking application with downstream data share and distribution capabilities.

When inspiration strikes and information needs to be committed to history, a transfer medium needs to be at the ready. It so happens that you probably have your phone handy more than old-fashioned pen and paper, so digital is good.

So a thought occurs- does this new bit of information belong in OneNote, Twitter, Facebook, My Files, Word – or What Have You? Do I add this to my Task list and have to look at all 37 (and growing) undone tasks again? The stress of making the right choice hinders that very moment when thinking is critical.

engram makes the input decision easy.

Notes Ingest

In engram Log mode, every entry moment starts with an empty slate – a blank page with a ready line for text entry. No clutter or distractions – just focus on getting the word in edgewise.

If your browser supports microphone input on the default keyboard, you may speak your thoughts and have them converted directly to text.

Text from other applications can be pasted into the engram Command Line Interface (CLI).

Log entry Notes originally appear in order on the date of creation, so next steps on that item’s organization or output can be taken immediately, later – or never if not needed.

Conversion to Tasks & Events

Elements created in engram: Notes, Tasks and Events are affectionately referred to as engrams.

Notes can be edited with a sub-level expandable indentation structure, and converted to Tasks or Events if progress warrants the status upgrade.

All engrams may be moved to Workspaces so you may have a separate set of Notes, Tasks and Events associated with a custom Workspace you create. [Note – not active in current version]

Pages can be created for use as general information repositories, not necessarily attached to N-T-E.

Once entered, an engram can then be forwarded directly to another application so you can share on email or your favorite social media app.

What does engram not do?

engram is not the be-all-to-end-all magic bullet life savior pill that does all the work and dishes in life for you. engram can however, help streamline the daily information gathering process, but sorry - thinking is still an individual responsibility. The benefits gained will be solely gleaned from the grind put into such an information system.

As very early beta software, you can expect the odd bit of weird (or weird bit of odd) behavior when using the app. It is not likely you will lose data, but be aware that moving things around multiple times via drag and drop can get things mixed up. engram beta may not yet work with 100% reliability, but you can expect a high degree of useability and that fixes are forthcoming.

engram does not make a pile of files to get lost somewhere – each is self-contained in the app with a chronological assignment. Individual note files are inefficient, whether in an application or created by the user. Simple items don’t need a whole file system to manage, they just need a line or two in the right place to start.

Product security is always a permanent focus – please be aware that though it is a near term goal, encryption is not currently enabled on engram data. Because anyone can get hacked these days, we suggest you do not use engram for highly sensitive or proprietary materials or information at this time.

Beta Be Careful

We try hard to make good stuff, but computer software has so many rabiit holes to plug - we may have unknown or unintended issues along the way. Please keep in mind that the plugin features are all experimental at this stage, and that you should maintain some form of backup copy for significant data you input into engram beta.

Have good, safe fun witn engram.

Randy Berg

Randy is thankful we no longer need to paint on cave walls and carve in stone to pass on the message.