Technology changes so fast, sometimes one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How do you create a fresh product that ideally solves an old problem in a new way? The obvious answer is to challenge obstacles head-on with unique creative thinking, and by exercising the ability to quickly test measured ideas toward progress. In short words, do SOMETHING.

Give or Take

Everyone else is making a bajillion dollars rehashing all the same social media morass, but you are not. You have a possible forever choice to make: pay to use your own data forever or get paid to make it work for others. If you are capable to accomplish the latter, your journey will still likely be a long road littered with failed concepts – but still the better option.

Figuring out what has already been done is easy. A quick search of the interweb shows that a digital application already exists online for just about everything you can think of relating to productivity. In our case there was no sense in making something new of something old – some refined thought has to go into this. If only we had a cool app to help us do that!

Start With A Simple Goal

Infinite Wisdom

Our own long-stewing project represents as complete a fresh start as you can get ((save for [and saved by] open source code)). With a simple goal of designing a very simple but fast thought/idea/note-making tool, plotting (and plodding) activity began; several brains storming, but only two hands coding.

We started with no preconceived notions, but certainly a few heads full of what_could_I_really_use? ideas for features and functions that might be useful in real use. The Wishlist grows exponentially – sometimes sideways and unrealistically, given we just said we were doing a basic project. What is going to stick? What is going to be the killer idea that makes this product attractive to the massesWhen ?

Pick a Plum d’Name

The big idea hits home, it is ime to shift from couch horizontal to kneel-chair vertical. Time to make a name for yourself. When developing a new digital device (or other) product from start, it needs an identity. It is not immediately necessary to select a name that will identify that product for its life cycle; code names or project names are perfectly fine temporary vehicles of persuasion. Product design and engineering should not necessarily pause a minute to sort out a brand name, unless predetermined or obvious from the start.

Brainstorm About Brainstorm

Soon enough a brainstorming meeting was called, and of all things cliche: “Project Brainstorm” became the holding name for the initial thoughtworks.

It also turns out that digital brainstorming was largely the end product idea for Project Brainstorm. This product was not destined to be another Note-Taker but a collaborative Knowledge Management tool. What good is having a great idea if it never gets recorded, thought about again, acted upon in an organized manner, or shared with the world?

We want to create a private, productive method of collecting and sharing thoughts, spoken words and executed media bits, with the side benefit of guiding content into places, plans and activities.

Now we know we need to make a barnstorming brainstorming product. Starting on that positive note, it is time to start finishing.

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Randy Berg

Randy is thankful we no longer need to paint on cave walls and carve in stone to pass on the message.