Open Source Life Operating System

Simple. Efficient. Powerful.


Eliminate Distractions

engram's Brain Dump page helps keep your mind focused on what you are trying to write

engram brain dump

Available Anywhere

Quickly capture ideas on the go with your phone and have them automatically sync to your desktop

engram mobile

Enhance With Plugins

Customize how engram looks and functions on each device by enabling different plugins

engram plugins


  • Personal

  • Free for personal use
  • No account or sign up required
  • Offline data storage
  • Enhance functionality with plugins
  • Sync

  • $1 / mo - free for limited time
  • Cross device sync
  • End-to-end Encrpytion
  • Support Development
  • Self Hosted

  • Free (excl. server costs)
  • Fully customizable
  • Own your data
  • Scale performance to your needs