Open Source Micro Journal & Planner

Reducing the time from thought to jot so you can get back to your day

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engram mobile

Available Anywhere

Quickly capture ideas on the go with your phone and have them automatically sync to your desktop

engram mobile

On your Wrist

Keep your phone in your pocket with the engram watch companion app. Dictate notes with a single tap.

engram mobile

Send to engram Browser Extension

Instantly save interesting websites, insightful snippets, or funny cat videos when browsing.

engram brain dump

Stay Focused

A home screen widget keeps your daily tasks front and center to remind you of what you set out to accomplish today.

engram brain dump

Eliminate Distractions

engram's Brain Dump page helps keep your mind focused on what you are trying to write

engram brain dump


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  • Free for personal use
  • No account or sign up required
  • Offline data storage
  • Enhance functionality with plugins