Open Source Productivity and Collaboration Tools

engram started as a place to simply capture ideas on the go. It has since evolved to become my replacement for other SaaS based tools. Eventually it will all be easily self-hostable so you use it however you like. This project is in it's infancy, please don't hesitate to email us with feedback or questions!

Adam Berg - Founder of engram


  • engram planner is your daily hub
  • Plan out your day and take notes throughout the day in the Notes tab
  • Create tasks that you intend to complete for the day
  • Plan ahead by adding notes, tasks, or events on future days
engram paper


  • engram notes is the quickest place to jot down a note
  • Use it as a place to dump all your unorganized thoughts
  • Stop worrying about where to put your information and simply write it down
engram notes


  • The digital equivalent of a pen and paper
  • Stop worrying about where to organize your hand-written notes
  • Most of the time just writing down the idea is all you need
  • engram paper gets out of the way so you can focus on fleshing out your ideas
engram paper